The Karate breakfast plan

Seikichi Uehara, a famous Karate master, was 97 years old when he stopped training. He was not the only one. According to history, numerous Karate masters continued to live well past the average life expectancy. For instance, Itosu Anko died at the age of 83, way beyond the Japanese life expectancy of 40.9 years. Just like any martial artist, karate practitioners have to be conscious of their diet. It is because a proper diet will ensure they have good health and perform well.

Even though goals in martial arts are different as some may be focused on losing the body, others may be focusing on gaining muscles while others may want to improve their overall energy, most of Karate practitioners are conditioned to take their food as fuel and not anything else. It is due to this that your karate training revolves around eating habits that are scheduled around it and support it.

Read on to find out what a karate practitioner should have for breakfast.

Take fresh juice instead of coffee

Drinking a homemade juice is way better than a having a cup of coffee. Drinking a good juice is more beneficial than taking a multivitamin. Not only does juice provide the much-needed energy levels, but it is also perfect for your body’s biochemistry. Stimulants like coffee do not offer this.

The juice can be made out of fruits or even better still; it can be a vegan pre workout juice. The vegetables used to make the juice include carrots, celery, and purple beet, green apples, with ginger or lemons. You can mix the vegetable juice with some collagen protein. Juicing helps the body to recover from an intense workout session such as Karate. Benefits of juicing include the following:

  • Reduce the oxygen cost of exercise
  • Makes your body more alkaline which means that your body will be able to recover fast from intense exercise.
  • Makes you more explosive, especially juice made of beets.
  • Improves your endurance
  • Improves the flow of blood

Note: If you still need your hit of coffee or espresso, have it after the juice instead of first thing in the morning!

Sweet potatoes

Consuming sweet potatoes for breakfast will leave you feeling full for a long time which is a good thing. It is because energy will be released slowly. Sweet potatoes are also rich in many antioxidants. These oxidants include vitamin A, C and E. Sweet potatoes are also rich in Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is responsible for lowering the risk of you having heart disease.

Besides the vitamins, sweet potatoes also have fiber. In fact, the amount of fiber in sweet potatoes is higher than in the common potatoes. They also contain magnesium. It means that sweet potatoes are great facilitators of great digestion. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are easy to digest because their major content is starch. The other good thing about sweet potatoes is that they help reduce the amount of water lost by the body by helping in retaining the body’s water. It is made possible by the roughage or fibres that are present in the sweet potatoes. It means that by including sweet potatoes in your breakfast, you will be able to keep your body hydrated as you practice karate.

To prepare, you’ll have to wrap it in foil and place it on the grill, or if you want to make mashed sweet potatoes, then you can boil it in medium heat.


Oatmeal comes in many forms. It can be in the form of raisin muffins, oatmeal pie or the steel-cut oats. If you are thinking of a healthy hot breakfast, then you should consider oatmeal. Oatmeal is an ancient whole grain. It means that this breakfast staple has been there for ages even though sometimes it does not get the respect it deserves. It is widely available, easy to cook and affordable. Whole grain rich in fibre, oatmeal is a powerful nutritional punch for your breakfast. It is also quick.

However, for you to enjoy its full nutritional benefits, you have to stay away from oatmeal sweetened with sugar or flavored. Oatmeal should consist of just one ingredient, and that is oats. I place of sugar, and you can have a fruit topping on your oatmeal for that sweet taste. There are various types of oatmeal. They include; the steel-cut oats, quick-cooking oats, rolled oats and instant oatmeal. The following are the health benefits of oats:

  • Highly nutritious. They have a well-balanced nutrient composition. They are an excellent source of carbs and fibre. Compared to other grains, oats have more protein and fats.
  • High in antioxidants
  • They help in weight loss due to their filling effect. They make you fill full for long after eating them.
  • Help in relieving constipation


Be it the yellow part (yolk) or the white part of an egg; eggs are rich in nutrients. Some of the nutrients found in eggs include proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are versatile and crucial ingredients which you mostly use in baking various foods such as cakes and muffins. Different types of eggs are available today, including quail eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and chicken eggs. The most common type of egg is the chicken egg. The health benefits of eggs are as follows:

  • Have choline which serves important functions like nerve function, muscle control, neurological development and metabolism.
  • Are high in good cholesterol and low in bad cholesterol.
  • Promote clear vision by protecting your eyes from degeneration caused by ageing.
  • Give you that satiated feeling that is good for losing weight. Eggs also give you high energy levels.


The above are some of the foods that should for part of your breakfast for you to stay on top of the game that is, martial arts. On top of the foods mentioned above, there are some foods that you need to avoid such as red meat. It is advisable that you consume white meat such as fish and less red meat.

You also need to avoid consuming milk regularly and instead; you should opt for other options like soy milk.