Martial arts Vs going to the gym

Achieving specific fitness goals has become common among millennials every year in December. After entering the New Year, it is not shocking to see hordes of people lining up outside regular gyms which charge relatively high with high motivations and expectations of achieving their fitness goals. However, no matter how motivated these people are, after a while, the monotony starts to creep in, and they begin to lose interest in the gym. It leads to emptier gyms by the end of January compared to how the gym was packed in the beginning of January.

The question is, why does this occur? Why the sudden loss of interest in the regular gym?

Some people instead of joining the gym, they join the martial arts as a way for them to achieve their fitness goals. Martial arts are not as common as regular gyms are. However, some people prefer them over the regular gym. So, between martial arts and regular gym, which is better? Read on to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the regular gym and martial arts.

Martial arts

Martial arts are various sports which have their origin in Japan, China and Korea. They are forms of attack or self-defence such as judo, kendo and karate.

Advantages of martial arts

Prepare you to face challenges of life

Learning martial arts prepares you mentally and physically to face the various challenges that may come your way. One of the most important skills learnt through martial arts is how to defend yourself from oncoming danger. People who learn martial arts can protect themselves as well as their families in case they are attacked. In some cases, knowledge of martial arts can save your life or the life of your loved one.

A break from the monotony

One of the major reasons why most people lose interest fast in the regular gym is the monotony. The activities at the gym are so repetitive and monotonous compared to the martial arts which engage the individual with a vast array of activities and exciting body movements. Training in martial arts is very diverse with new skills and techniques to learn and master every single day.

A full body workout

Martial arts not only let you burn more calories than the regular gym, but they also help in improving your immune system. You also get to work on your endurance in the process which leads to an improved cardiovascular health and an increase in the flow of blood throughout your body.


Injuries may occur

Some of the techniques taught in martial arts may put you at a greater risk of getting injured. These techniques include board breaking and falling.

It takes long to master the techniques

For a student of martial arts to learn the method, there is a lot of time that they will spend in training. To make it worse, the techniques are different depending on the level. For a student to move on to the next level, they must first perfect the method taught at the level they are in. It can cause frustrations.

Regular gym

Everybody knows that one of the key ways of maintaining good health is regular exercise. Regular exercises contribute a lot to the human health. Today, more and more people are joining gyms so that they can have better health. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of a gym workout.

Support your joints and muscles

The activities that you engage in at the gym motivate you to work out and do aerobics regularly. By doing so, you support your joints and muscles and hence make you stronger and even more flexible.

Prevent diseases

When you work out regularly, you reduce the chances of getting diabetes, metabolic diseases and cancer like breast cancer or colon cancer. Also, daily exercise makes your heart more efficient by helping it to pump blood more smoothly and with less pressure.

Improve your social life

When you decide to go to the gym instead of staying at home, you get to meet new people and communicate with them. The gym gives you the chance to start new friendships, have fun while talking to others and ultimately make your social life more enjoyable and fun.


The danger of increasing weight

Once you start going to the gym, you will start to experience huger more often. Your desire for food will be even more intensive and this may u=end up upsetting the diet you had set for yourself and put you at risk of gaining more weight. It is because you may find it difficult to resist delicious food that is unhealthy like fries and fried chicken that you had decided to stay away from so that you lose weight.

Damage your heart

Exercising at the gym puts a lot of pressure on your heart. The exercises involving long cardio have the potential of increasing the risks to the heart up to seven times. It is why it is advisable that you keep checking your heart rate as you continue to work out.

Become addicted

Once you become a regular gym member, it is not easy for you to stop even after achieving your goal. When you stop going to the gym, you may start to experience feelings of anxiety, tension, guilt, depression and you may even get headaches and sleepless nights. All these are signs that you are addicted to the gym. When you experience these feelings, take time and seriously think through your habit of going to the gym to determine if it is an obsession or a passion.

The cost of the gym membership

Some gyms are expensive to join and be a member and even if you want to join, the cost might out you off.


Just like every coin has two sides, both the gym and the martial arts have their pros and cons as seen above. So when it comes to you choosing between the two, you have to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of both as outlined above.